Our Mission

The Motts 58 Foundation is dedicated to honoring the legacy of a true American hero Mario “Motts” Tonelli by helping the Chicago Youth Boxing Club raise money for  educational scholarships and to support the After-School Boxing program.  The CYBC After-School Boxing Program is focused on developing one’s capacity to engage in positive behaviors to promote health and an appreciation of being a caring citizen.

The foundation seeks to promote the qualities exemplified by Motts in supporting these ideals:

Courage. Perseverance. Dignity.

Our Goals

1. Develop youth athletic and education programs that aim to promote health and a positive mental outlook focused on being a responsible citizen.

2.Provide scholarship funding for students at the Chicago Youth Boxing Club and to support the after-school program at CYBC.

The Motts 58 Foundation is excited about transitioning from its own foundation to becoming a partner with CYBC.  All donations will now be directed toward CYBC  [501(c)(3) nonprofit organization]

Please visit the below link to make a donation directly to the Chicago Youth Boxing Club.