July 2014

The foundation has undergone some changes over the last 12 months to refocus our efforts on supporting youth programs.  The Boxing Camp has been converted to a Boxing Program where participants can come and go as they please after school.  There is a mandatory quarterly meeting that will sponsor leadership talks and food will be provided.  The camp is currently at capacity, but we hope to add some additional positions after our fundraiser in August.

Additionally, the Boxing Gym is under new ownership and has changed its name to Oakley Fight Club (http://www.oakleyfightclub.com).  Carlos Castaneda and Lalo Beas are our contacts at the Gym and they will be happy to assist with questions.

Our next KO for Kids Fundraiser will be happening soon, please stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. In the mean time, check out the video below between Pandolfino and Aguilar.

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