boxinglogo_round_450The Motts 58 boxing camp was developed in collaboration with Sportivo Chicago to provide a program for children aged 7 to 15 to enjoy physical activity in a structured and nurturing environment. Citizenship and a positive mental outlook is stressed and this is combined with a program to develop confidence and basic self-defense skills. The children are taught basic boxing techniques and agility by professional boxers to stress the value of practice and discipline in achieving success. The children begin with a basic tutorial on footwork and exercises focused on improving endurance and overall health before moving on to tutorials on boxing skills.

The program has evolved over the last 5 years and the Motts 58 Foundation has developed a partnership with the Chicago Youth Boxing Club to help expand the mission of the foundation to a broader group of children and students.  This collaboration has focused primarily on supporting the Power Glove Tournament and updating equipment for the program.  However, the current goals will be to focus on developing scholarships and supporting the after school program at CYBC.  To find out more information about CYBC- please go to the following website:


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